Watch A short video On Contesting your Property Assessment

Watch A short video On "Is your Assessment Fair"

Your assessment should roughly reflect the value for which you can sell your property. However, assessing property is not a science and sometimes you may disagree with the assessor's estimate.

**** Comparable sales must be dated between July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 ****

Anyone who wishes to file a formal complaint on their assessment must apply for assessment review with the Board of Assessment Review (BOAR) on or before this May 21, 2019. Completed applications (RP-524) should be submitted to the Assessor’s Office on or before this date. If you have a concern, the earlier you meet with the assessor the easier it is to make modifications. You may appear in person, by appointment, and present additional documentation to the BOAR to support your opinion of value