The Town of wawayanda is assisting the residents who live on or near the Ridgebury Lake to help raise money to restore their lake.

In 2008 the DEC found an invasive species the Northern Snakehead fish in the lake. If left in the lake, it could have destroyed all life in the lake and spread to other water systems in the area resulting in a widespread devastation of the aquatic life in the regions.

In 2008 the DEC removed the Snakeheads from the lake costing $200,000. Unfortunately, in order to remove the Snakeheads, most of the native aquatic life had to be removed.

Since the removal of these fish, the lake has gone from a once beautiful lake to a sea of overgrown aquatic vegetation. This has resulted in an increase in insects and makes it nearly impossible to use boats.

If you are interested in reading more or donating money, please click the link below.



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